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4 Reasons why you should add Heating Oil Additives to your Home Heating Oil
4 Reasons why you should add Heating Oil Additives to your Home Heating Oil

When ordering heating oil from us, we may ask you if you’d like to add a bottle of additive to your order?  However, many of you probably haven’t given this much thought before now, neither fully understand the serious benefits that additives have to offer.

While you may think that turning down the thermostat or investing in top of the range insulation will improve the performance of your boiler, the real benefit could simply be adding a bottle of Estuary Premium Heating Oil additives to your tank. 

Adding home heating oil additives can have benefits including:


1.    Improves system efficiency – overtime soot deposits build up within the heat exchanger and on the nozzle, this affects the efficiency of the burn meaning you may have to burn more oil to maintain a temperature. A bottle of additive will result in a cleaner burn, making your boiler more efficient.


2.    Stabilizes fuel and increases shelf life – One 200ml bottle contains antioxidants which help stabilize the kerosene in your tank and prevents fuel degradation. Meaning your boiler extracts the maximum energy resulting in optimum burning performance.


3.    Reduced sludge formation – Additives prevents and reduces existing sludge formation in the bottom of your tank. The heating oil sludge you find at the bottom of your tank is a combination of rust, dirt and debris and microorganisms that grow in the tank.


4.     Avoid boiler operating problems – a small bottle of additive contains many essential lubricants to help maintain the smooth running of your heating oil boiler. Potentially providing considerable savings compared to paying for unnecessary repairs.


When should you start using home heating oil additives?

We recommend all our heating oil customers purchase a bottle of the additive with their order. On delivery of your heating oil kerosene, one of our drivers will happily add the solution to your tank. However, if any of the following issues sound familiar it may be time to consider using home heating oil additives;

•    Your system doesn’t seem to be working as efficiently as usual and you're using more fuel than usual

•    Your fuel lines are clogged

•    A build-up of sludge, dirt, and water within your tank

For more information on our range of fuel additives, click here. Alternatively, a member of our team will be delighted to discuss our range of additives on 01291 422656.


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