With over 35 years experience in the oil and lubricants sector Estuary Oils offer a range of add on services to help you when you need it


In addition to fuels and lubricants deliveries we offer a range of additional services, supported with our extensive knowledge we enjoy helping our customers with a challenge!

Estuary Oils are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Bowser Hire
    Offered on a weekly basis, including delivery to site and collection.
  • Tanker Hire
    Including collection of fuels and delivery to customers site.
  • Fuel Tank Replacement
    Supply of new tanks and replacement of old tanks.
  • Lubricants Survey
    Qualified advice to ensure you are using the correct grade of lubricant or grease for your equipment or transport.
  • Telemetry systems for the commercial sector
    Many of our commercial clients are choosing the Estuary Oils telemetry system which allows us and the customer to remotely access fuel levels at all times. The telemetry system can be accessed securely by telephone or computer meaning that your fuel levels are at the optimum level to keep your domestic & commercial running efficiently.
    Ask today about telemetry, it really is the future of fuel management. Call 01291 422 656 to find out more.
Talk to the Estuary Oils team - we are an independent family business, here to help keep your family safe and warm.
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